30 Day Mindset Reset Challenge- Part 1 – So what’s your mindset?

We’re so glad you’re here!  Welcome to Week 1 of the 30 Day Mindset Reset Challenge.

We’re going to start with the basics: So, what’s your mindset?

Knowing yourself and being honest about where you are is the BEST starting point.

That sounds simple, but a lot of times we’re struggling to make progress in our lives or tackle a major goal because of something that’s lingering in our hearts and minds.

It affects the way we see the world and ourselves. We can almost put our finger on it, but the answer alludes us…

If we could just call it out, we could change it.

Chances are, you’re not dealing with a deficiency of some kind, but a fixed mindset.

Go ahead and read Chapters 1 & 2 of Carol Dweck’s “Mindset” book.  On pages 12 and 13, she asks us 8 questions that help us see what kind of mindset we have.

In case you’re still waiting on the book, you can take a growth mindset quiz here to get started:  https://bit.ly/1iMZFP5

Fixed vs Growth Mindsets

This book is so interesting.  Carol points out that we can have different mindsets about different things.

For example, you might have a fixed mindset about your overall intelligence (I can’t become smarter. We’re born with a certain level of intelligence), but have a growth mindset about learning a new skill like playing the piano or playing a new sport (With hard work, I know I can improve my skills on the court).

So, what did you find out?

Are you dealing with self-limiting beliefs because of a fixed mindset?

Do you have a goal of some kind, but back down anytime you’re thinking about taking action?

Fixed mindsets live in a world where they’re terrified of failure because failure is final.  It’s like if they don’t get it right the first time, then they aren’t meant to do it. Being told ‘No.’ can be crushing.

Failing at something means that they are no longer special or gifted.

Growth mindsets live in a world where they see failure as a bummer, but also a great jumping off point.  It’s not an ending, but a beginning.  A puzzle to solve, a skill to learn, an invention that has hundreds of trial and errors before working right, the athlete who is less athletically gifted than others but works so hard she/he surpasses everyone…

More importantly though, failure does not define them.

As Carol sums it up on page 33:

Fixed mindset = judgement and fear: I am a failure.

Growth mindset = learning and changing: I failed.

You know, it’s easy for many of us to be living with a fixed mindset because that mentality is so much a part of our culture!  Think about it.  It’s the talent that seems to come easily that’s celebrated.  Those achievements that seem to be overnight successes.  The people who seemed to just be “born with it”.

The ‘born leader’, ‘born superstar’, ‘born genius’, ‘born athlete’…all are highly celebrated. They indicate a level of performance/success that ‘common humans’ cannot hope to attain.

A lot of our mindset comes from parents, teachers and coaches too.

Did you have an influential adult in your life who measured their own success by your performance?  Someone who was intolerant of mistakes? Someone who judged your ‘permanent traits’ instead of treating you like a developing person who just needs guidance and good coaching?

Later in the challenge, we’ll talk/read about that in Chapter 7.

Now that you have an understanding about the kind of mindset you have, download our mindset printable and go through the exercises.

Take your time.  Remember, there’s no judgement or right/wrong way to do this.

This is not a test!

The goal for this week is to have an understanding of your mindset and to call out what may be standing in the way of whatever it is you want to change.

This is the beginning of a journey into figuring out what’s holding you back and how you can put action behind finally breaking through.

You’re capable of so much more than you know.


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