30 Day Mindset Reset Challenge- The Red Notebook

Mindset Reset 30 Day Challenge -plus- Enter to Win a Mindset Journaling Prize Pack

Wanna learn how to unlock your true potential?

Join us for our 30 Day Mindset Reset Challenge!  This is the first challenge we’ve ever done and can’t think of a better topic to start with as we believe great change comes with a great mindset!

Everyone’s decisions and perceptions run through a complicated filter created by upbringing and environment.  Everything around us feeds into how we understand the world and what we think about ourselves. Our perception of the world starts forming when we’re little.

For some of us, we have a perception or mindset that makes us think we’re incapable of change- but that’s just not true!

Some people think that we have a certain mindset and that’s it. That’s who we are forever and there’s no changing ourselves.

But the human brain is more powerful than that and it can always learn something new- even a new way of thinking.  We can learn to have a more powerful mindset that allows us to make big changes in our lives from relationships to work to hobbies to overcoming major emotional and physical obstacles.

We created this challenge around one of our favorite books: the New York Times Best Selling “Mindset: The new Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck, PhD.

This book is seriously a game changer.

Carol writes about how the world can be grouped into two camps of people:  People with a Fixed Mindset vs people with a Growth Mindset. 

These mindsets drastically impact everyone’s lives, including yours.

To see change, this book will help you adopt a growth mindset and embrace the power of the word “YET”.

Check out this TED talk with Carol Dweck as it sums up how powerful a growth mindset can be:


Perspective is everything. It colors and shapes how you see yourself and the world.  A growth mindset offers perspective that opens doors, sees solutions instead of limits and creates new possibilities.  

For this series, each blog post will focus on a a few sections of Carol’s book and will come with a FREE journal printable to help you put action behind what you’re reading.

We’re super excited about this!!

AND….. *drumroll*……

To kick off this series, we’re going to have a contest- woohoo!!

We’ve put together a prize pack for ONE lucky winner that includes:

• A set of 36 SMOOV gel pens in a rainbow of vibrant colors- even metallics and glitter.

• Carol Dweck’s “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” book

• New Lechtturm 1917 Bullet Journal- Hardcover Medium Journaling Notebook in Red -5.5″x8.5″



This is the perfect journaling set to get you going on this challenge.

Wondering what on earth a bullet journal is?  A bullet journal is a place to put everything from your to-do lists to calendars to journal entries and sketches…you name it.  The bullets or dots form a grid on each page that makes it easy to create lists and boxes for different types of content. It’s easier to see what what we mean by checking out how this blogger uses it:

The Bullet Journal: What It Is & Why You Need It


Really, you can use anything to join us on this challenge for your journaling as we’ll have print outs and guides for each step.  In fact, you don’t HAVE to have a journal, you can just use the printables we provide, but we recommend keep track of your thoughts and goals as you go through the challenge.

Our goal is for you to make this coming Fall a pivotal season in your life, breathing new life into old goals, dreams and relationships.

Interested in the items from the prize pack? We also have the items linked here for sale via Amazon.  You can purchase Carol’s book, the rainbow Smoov gel pens and even the bullet journal through our the links below.  We may receive a small commission if you purchase through our links.



Mindset Challenge Details and How to Enter to Win the Prize Pack

Challenge Details

The challenge will run September 10 – October 10, 2018.

Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to get the newest task for the challenge- there will be 4 of them complete with downloadable content, a detailed blog post and conversation on our Facebook page.  We’d love to know what mindset issues you’re tackling and how you’re progressing through the 30 days.

We will be focusing on certain sections of Carol Dweck’s book :”Mindset- The New Psychology of Success” 2016 Updated Edition.


The goal of the challenge:

To get a true understanding of your mindset- its strengths and weaknesses.

To open new doors of opportunity and finally tackle something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.

To feel a shift in your life, taking you in a totally new direction that offers growth and possibilities now and far into the future.


Contest Rules for the Mindset Journaling Prize Pack:

To enter the contest and qualify to win, follow these steps:

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Like and comment on the challenge announcement post.  Then, tag a friend or share the challenge announcement post with people you know would love to work on their mindset.

The contest will be open August 30 – September 6, 2018.  We will ship the prize to the winner in time to start the challenge on the 10th!

**Only people who live in the continental US are eligible to win the prize pack. The winner will be randomly selected**

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This is the first time we’ve ever done a challenge like this, so we’re pretty excited.  Hope you’ll join us!

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