Why we’re kicking off this blog with a parenting series

Do you ever stop and wonder- “Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing?”

In particular, “Why was I put on this earth with this family?”

Figuring that out is seriously, the #1 Question of Life.

When I pause for a minute and look back on my years here on earth, what makes me the most proud is parenting my children.

It’s the three incredible beautiful young adults I’ve raised with my husband, and the lives and the souls that they are.  Nothing moves my heart and my deepest instincts, my deepest intuition, than my kiddos.

I’m proud because they’re solid people- responsible and empathetic.  Not ‘perfect’ by any means, but truly good.

They are what make me feel the MOST human in ways that work, hobbies and social circles can’t.

Human beings develop through God, Soul and their Environment.

The caregiver’s side of the bargain is ‘environment’.

Playing my part in making sure they develop into stable, healthy adults means that it’s my duty (and my joy!) to provide a stable foundation and platform they can build their lives upon.

Certainty, Discipline, Accountability, Unconditional Love and Safety. 

The parenting envelope.

Certainty, Discipline, Accountability, Safety and Unconditional Love around an envelope with a heart.


The Red Notebook is all about strengthening our mindset and being encouraged by others who have overcome major obstacles.  We could start our blog in lots of different ways as there are tons of amazing stories out there, but I want to continue from our first post with the topic that’s most on my heart.

It’s the most important building block for healthy mindsets- parenting.

Our mindset determines how we handle challenges and it’s formed when we’re young.

However, our mindset isn’t set in stone.

Good News: Our environment creates a certain mindset within us, but we can change it.

You know what question really bugs me?

Why are we addressing behavior issues at the end of the line? Once terrible mistakes are made? Does it really take rehab or prison to address issues that should be taken care of in the beginning of a person’s life?

When a parent doesn’t take their parenting to heart, with a deep sense of responsibility to create a human being that makes the world a better place, it’s highly likely that they’ll have children who grow into young adults with faulty foundations.

Can I just be real for a second?  It might piss some people off, but I’ve gotta get this off my chest.

I’m beyond sick and tired of watching so many people waste away in despair.

Yes, we have incredible light and goodness, but if you watch the news on any given day, you’re seeing human beings doing unthinkable things to other human beings like it’s totally commonplace.

I’m sick of watching our social fabric first tear, then tatter, then seemingly shred before our very eyes.

We debate all kinds of laws, programs and budgets, acting like our government or some other “powers that be” are going to turn our ship around.

That’s lazy.

That’s bullshit.

It’s up to us.  People who are responsible for raising adults who can hold themselves accountable and do the right thing, bringing light and life to what they do.

We create laws and prisons like it’s our only option.  Laws and prisons don’t deter crime.  They’re there to enact punishment.  Yet it’s in these very places that we expect to turn a human being’s life around.  At the end of the line!  That is f&%$ing insane.

Once parents get their heads out of their asses, and a majority of parents accept that there’s no greater responsibility than raising good human beings, we have a chance.

If parents and caregivers are willing to reach deep within, not only learn about themselves but learn about their kids development, how they’re wired, we can actually create a new future for ourselves.

Let me be clear: Straight As doesn’t mean you’re a great parent or that your child is set up to be a stable, successful human being.

It’s about taking responsibility for every aspect of our lives and showing our kids how to do the same.

For example, if something terrible happens that is completely out of your control, you still own how you respond to it.

That response has a consequence, period.

A lot of us have grown up with broken or weak foundations.

I’m not just going to sit on the sidelines and bitch about what breaks my heart about our country and our communities.

I want to help people rebuild foundations and set new ones for their children and loved ones.

The change starts with us, completely owning our shit- the good and bad- to create a future for our kids to thrive in.

I can’t think of a better place to start our blog!


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